Twitter. It feels like more and more public sector organisations and people are getting on board.

Parliament did its first tweet back in June 2007, took a hiatus while looking for an official nod, then really got going almost exactly a year later. Symmetry.

On the occasion of our 200th update, we asked for some follower feedback. You can see the full response in our @ukparliament replies. Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond.

It was largely positive, with most people saying we had the number of updates right. And some asking for more. Obviously, when Parliament is in session we could flood Twitter with updates – on everything from new reports getting published, to the start of debates, right down to ‘… has just stood up to talk’. But it doesn’t feel like the majority of our followers want that level of detail. And if they do, maybe we should create a separate feed for it, like a Hansard reporter one?

We probably don’t have the resources to do a Twitter feed(s) tracking everything that happens in Parliament. But with the start of the new session (6 October) we’ll be updating more often, and looking to mix up the formula a little more.

Of course, all our committee reports, research papers, Bills and more are listed on the website, and so much of the business is available on live video feeds. If you’ve got the time and the interest, there’s nothing to stop you running your own Twitter feed on what Parliament’s doing… And why not?