A couple of producers from the Parliament website attended the day long conference at the Department for Innovation, University and Skills. The focus was on how social media can be used to communicate with younger adults. The event was attended by Youth Workers, staff from a number of government departments and self confessed geeks!

As you may know we are currently experimenting with a  number of social networking tools: Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Flickr. The aim of attending this conference was to see how younger adults are actually using these tools to access services and information.

Lots of themes were discussed including: digital exclusion; the myths surrounding the dangers of young people using social networking sites; how youth workers are utilising social media to communicate with their clients; social networking trends amongst young people; tools for creating social media content. Apart from the formal sessions there were plenty of opportunities to network with others who are working day to day with young people and those trying to provide vital services to them.

The conference generated a lot of great ideas which will help inform our continued work with social media.