Wednesday was the start of the legal year in England and Wales, which is always marked with an event called the Lord Chancellor’s breakfast. This involves a service in Westminster Abbey with a reception in the Houses of Parliament. One of our intrepid producers, Maria, grabbed our recently acquired camcorder and took a quick video of the judges making their way from the Abbey to Parliament:

It’s not long. It’s not amazing quality. But it’s a quick glimpse into one of the more unusual sights of the Westminster Village.

Right now we’re trying to decide where to go with our video content: do we have high production values on everything we do (takes longer, expensive) or should we get more content online with less emphasis on quality (quicker, cheaper)?

It’ll probably be a mix: do video content ourselves so it’s topical and we can produce more, but still put together bigger, more professional films occasionally.

But does quality matter that much with online video? Isn’t the content king? After all, our most popular video on YouTube is a static shot of Big Ben chiming. What do you think?