The web team along with a group of usability and accessibility experts have undertaken heaps of user testing recently.  Although the Bill pages received good feedback, testing showed that we hadn’t got it quite right – can you help us get it right?

Our testers didn’t understand the abbreviations and few spotted the key to the right of the bar.  Also for complex Bills the list of debates got so long that the status bar took over the page.

For the next release of these pages we want to improve the progress bar so that it’s easier to understand how a Bill is progressing. However try as we might we can’t find a nice solution to our problems.

The current progress bar can be seen here:

What we’ve done

  • Our developers have come up with the following solution:
  • We’ve added some tool tips which are supposed to address the confusion with the abbreviations.
  • We’ve used JavaScript code to expand “more sittings” when the user rolls over the text is supposed to deal with the problem of how to display lots of sittings.

The bounce amused the web producers for all of 5 minutes and we liked the tool tips that appeared when you roll over the different stages (see for example 2R, Comm in the Lords) but alas neither of these solutions are accessible and are quite possibly annoying.

If anyone out there can think of a better, accessible solution we would love to hear from you.  All suggestions are welcome.