Web team filming the christmas tree

Web team filming the christmas tree

The web team has acquired some new kit so that we can produce our own video content for the website.   As Miranda and I are fairly new to filming the rest of the team suggested that we record the Christmas tree being put up in New Palace Yard. 

Easy task you might think, not much movement to capture, you just set up the camera and film the workmen as they put up the tree; add the decorations and switch on the lights!

On Saturday from 7.30am until 5.30pm we stood in New Palace Yard and filmed the workmen putting up the Christmas tree.  We battled the cold, the rain and a very wonky tripod – but we would not be defeated. Now if you can only bear with us we will attempt to edit said footage into a 2 minute film! It might be ready for next Christmas!

In the meantime visit our Christmas tree set on flickr – that should whet your appetite.