In our latest video on the UK Parliament YouTube channel we meet Gary Railton and his Harris Hawk, George. Gary works as a pest controller around the parliamentary estate and uses Harris Hawks to keep pigeons and sea gulls at bay.

If you have a fast internet connection, you can watch the high quality version of this video.

‘They’ say never work with animals. After doing this video I would also add ‘or strong winds and a busy courtyard in Parliament’. The strong winds meant our hawk for the day, George, couldn’t/wouldn’t fly very high, and vans and workman coming and going was a challenge for sound.

This video was put together using iMovie ’08, which, as one of our counterparts in the Welsh Assembly said while holding back the laughter, is a ‘nice little package’ – the emphasis being on ‘little’. The visit to the Assembly was a real eye-opener in terms of where we are in our capacity to produce decent video content and where we want to be. Watch this space for news on how we improve this area of the Web Centre’s work.