What’s new?

We’ve launched a new design for the Parliament website: www.parliament.uk

The redesign features a refined navigation system and improved information architecture, together with a new section called Topical Issues and greater emphasis on our Parliamentary News area.

The Topical Issues area organises parliamentary research material by subject, with the long-term aim to draw in other areas of parliamentary business like debates and Bills. News covers the main parliamentary business in the Chambers, Westminster Hall and Select Committee reports, inquiries and evidence sessions (read about the development of our News area)



The Parliament website aims to make parliamentary information more accessible, show that Parliament is relevant, and enable people to connect and engage with us.

The aim of the redesign is to: provide a site that is modern, fresh and engaging; refine the routes to information, making it more accessible for the user; and offer more focused, timely and dynamic content to improve the overall user experience.

Development and testing

The design and new information architecture has been developed by our team following extensive consultation across Parliament and external users, alongside a comprehensive programme of user and accessibility testing.

Plans for 2009

The launch will be a phased approach. The first phase is the new homepage and major landing pages, the Topical Issue section and new top level and service navigation across all content areas. The next stage of the roll-out, a redesign of all content pages, will follow throughout 2009.

Our five main areas of work for the Parliament website in 2009 are:

  • buying tools to improve both search and content management on the website and intranet
  • making changes to the look and structure of information on the website so that it’s more user friendly and information is easier to find
  • making significant improvements to the intranet so that it will become an essential tool for Members and staff
  • working with our ICT department (PICT) and others to ensure that all information generated by the work of both Houses, including Hansard, Bills and procedural information, is delivered effectively to the web
  • working on a strategy that will enhance engagement between Parliament and the public through the use of social media and other tools.

As always, we’d welcome your feedback on this work. You can leave a comment below or email us through webmaster@parliament.uk

(You can see earlier iterations of our website in this welcome post)