There’s a lot going on in Parliament, so you’ll want to stay in touch by using our calendar. Thanks to our recent redesign,  a cut-down version of the calendar is now embedded on our main homepage and most of our top level pages, like those for the Commons and Lords.

But, if you don’t want to visit our site on a daily basis, you can now subscribe to our improved calendar feeds. These start with a big, subscribe-to-everything feed and are then split down into all the different areas our business takes place  – like Westminster Hall, or Commons Select Committees. There are RSS and Atom feeds available for everything.

We’re going to make the availability of these feeds more obvious on the calendar homepage shortly, but you can see them through the URL address bar (in Firefox) and in the toolbar area (IE 7). The feeds are also all visible on our Commons and Lords homepages as you move through the different tabs.

In the meantime, while we work on raising the profile of these feeds on the site, here’s a list of the RSS feeds (you can switch them to atom by changing the ‘rss’ to ‘atom’). We’re in recess at the moment, so most of the feeds are showing business for when Parliament goes back to work:

Calendar, all:

Commons, all:

Lords, all:

Commons, Westminster Hall:

Commons Select Committees:

Commons General Committees:

Lords Grand Committees:

Lords Select Committees:

As always, your feedback on this and other services is welcome. Leave a comment below or email