Last year the House of Commons published the Equality Bill in a trial format. The text of the Equality Bill and its Explanatory Notes was published as one document, with the Bill text and Explanatory Note text interwoven throughout the document.

Latest developments

Following feedback from the Equality Bill exercise we have developed the interwoven idea further. We have posted an experimental version of the Digital Economy Bill on a separate website so that we can experiment with the online presentation of a Bill.

This latest version allows you to move from the clauses of the Bill to the section of the Act the clause will affect. (At present some of the links take you to the Act as originally passed by Parliament and others take you to the updated version of the Act. Ideally all links would take you to the updated Act but for now we hope that this gives you an indication of what we are trying to achieve.)

We have also made improvements to the layout of the interwoven Bill & Explanatory Notes, you now have the option to display relevant explanatory text (taken from the Explanatory Note) below or alongside each clause of the Bill.

There are still several formatting and presentational issues on some browsers, for best results try FireFox or Safari.

Tell us what you think

We would like to hear from you:

  • Do you find this version of the Bill helpful?
  • Does it help you carry out your work?
  • Does it help you understand the purpose and content of the Bill?
  • How can we improve the presentation of Explanatory Notes?
  • What else could we do to make it easier for you to work with these Bill documents and to make them serve your needs better?

For those more technically minded, our developers would be particularly interested to know:

  • Is the use of RDFa useful?
  • Should the HTML produced be valid HTML 5?
  • Should fragments of Bills be made available, in addition to the whole Bill?
  • Should a Bill still be readable on a browser without CSS or Javascript available?

Let us know what you think on the blog comments or by email: