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You may have seen the news story, but if not please email your question, tweet UK Parliament Twitter, or use the comment box below. The deadline for submitting questions is 20 July. While we cannot guarantee we will ask your specific question, all contributions will be considered in planning the interview.

On 22 July, the Parliament web team will interview the new Commons Speaker John Bercow. We want the public to send us their questions to put to the Speaker as part of this exclusive filmed interview and podcast, which we will publish on the Parliament website at the end of July.


Yesterday the Web Centre hosted a half day workshop on how we could take the Podcast Pilot and turn it into a more established service. The workshop focused on these areas:

  • developing production values for Parliament Podcasts
  • thinking about the processes around commissioning, editing and releasing recordings
  • what kind of products we want to develop

If you have any suggestions on the above subjects please get in touch.

Discussing the future of the Podcast Pilot

In an attempt to get some feedback about the Parliament Podcast Pilot we visited a secondary school in South London. It was a really positive experience.

We spoke to a group of about 20 first year A-Level Government and Politics students. We did a few demonstrations and asked the students to do some exercises which got them to visit different parts of the site. The students also filled in a questionnaire which provided some useful insight into their level of political engagement and how they access information about politics and current affairs.

Throughout we encouraged discussion and feedback about the various services on the site. The group we spoke to gave us lots of constructive feedback about podcasts and the site as a whole. We are using this experience to inform the development of the podcast pilot.

…. we believe this is called an ‘enhanced podcast’. At least, that’s what we’re calling them.

Our tours of the House of Commons Chamber and the Clock Tower (Big Ben) have both been given the treatment and are available from our YouTube channel.

You can watch/listen to our trip up Big Ben below:

We have released the latest parliament podcast: a tour of the Clock Tower (Big Ben). The tour follows the Clock Tower guide from the bottom to the top of the Clock Tower.

Parliament has been running a podcast pilot over the past 6 months. So far we have released a number of original recordings covering events in Parliament, the history and architecture of the buildings and scientific issues that parliament is currently considering.

We have provided enhanced podcasts for the tours which can be downloaded via iTunes or through a range of other RSS feeders. I wonder if enhanced podcasts, audio with photos, are widely used and if they provide a clear benefit to the listeners? I would like to hear your thoughts on this. Also, what about the slideshows on the web pages, do they add to the user experience? Finally, do you have any ideas for future recordings? What parts of the building are you interested in or what issues/events in Parliament do you want explained.

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