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As promised in last weeks Social Media statistics update here is a quick review of the whole website for 2009. I will include a definition of visitors, visits, and views atthe bottom of this article.

Headline Figures

for the whole site

  • visitors – 6.7 million, return visitors 1.2 million –  that’s unchanged on visitors but up 0.1 million on return visitors compared to 2008
  • visits – 11.1 million – up 0.2 million on 2008
  • page views – 48.1 million – this is down 1 million on 2008


  • visitors – 3.1 million, return visitors 0.5 million – that’s up 0.4 million visitors and the same number of return visitors for 2008
  • visits – 5.4 million – down 0.4 million visits on 2008
  • page views – 21.4 million – same number of page views as 2008

This covers parliamentary publications.

  • visitors – 4.2 million, return visitors 0.7 million
  • visits – 6.8 million
  • page views – 25.5 million

Top Five pages on the whole site

  1. (Home Page) – 2.2 million visits
  2. Search – 0.5 million visits
  3. House of Commons Debates ( – 0.4 million visits
  4. Hansard ( – 0.3 million visits
  5. Bills Before Parliament ( – 0.3 million visits


Pages – Any displayed page. You can specify for each profile the types of files that qualify as a page. These settings can be changed by the WebTrends administrator.

Visits – Number of visits to this page. A visit is a series of actions that begins when a visitor views the first page from the server, and ends when the visitor leaves the site or remains idle beyond the idle-time limit. The default idle-time limit is thirty minutes. This time limit can be changed by the system administrator.

Views – Number of times this page was viewed by visitors.


This is a follow up to Alistair’s original post and will provide a statistical snap shot of how Parliament’s social media is doing and how things have moved on since Alistair’s original post in June 2009.


  • 69 videos on the channel – another 22 since June 2009.
  • Approx views across all videos: 499,000 (this is views on YouTube,  on our site, or other sites where it’s been embedded) – that’s more than double the figure in June.
  • Channel views: about 92,000 – up 25,000 from June.
  • Subscribers: 852 – up 385 from June.


Flickr Stats

  • 456,376 views since summer 2008 – that’s up about 275,000 from Junes figure (179,430)
  • Recently we’ve been averaging approx 500 views per day.
  • 51% of these views come from users searching on; 41% from search; 4% from other sites (1% from – this is a big change from June with many more views coming from search rather than Flickr and other website.
  • Our most popular image is still the photo of Speaker’s  Table.


  • Regular updates began June 2008.
  • Followers: 16,182 – that’s almost double June’s figure.
  • Updates: 1796 – another 650 in the last six months.
  • Clickthrough on links (according to is usually over 200. With 519 clickthroughs the highest so far. The stats for any of our links can be accessed by copying and pasting the URL into a browser window, then adding ‘+’.


Launched June 2008 – currently 2,549 fans up from 739 in June.


Launched August 2008, aggregating all our social media content, and stories from our news area – 819 subscribers up from 284 in June.

Parliament Labs blog

  • Due to staff changes and work pressures we have not been contributing to the blog as much as we used to, this will hopefully change in 2010.
  • 15,000+ views since launching September 2008 – up 5,000 since June 2009.
  • 312 views in one day – for our improving Hansard post – is still our busiest day so far.
  • 54 posts – that is only 2 more since June (!!).
  • 104 comments from members of the public and Web Centre staff across all posts.

For those of you interested in stats I will be publishing a digest of stats for the Parliamentary website in 2009 shortly…

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